Nerium Experience - Pop-up Banner (31x84)


Nerium's opportunity is one to stand behind. Use this lifestyle focused pop-up banner at your next Market Party.

Vinyl pop-up banner, 31x84. Stand included.


How to set up your pop-up banner:

Your banner will have 3 main pieces: 1 canister; 1 banner; 1 pole

Step 1 - Remove the banner from the storage bag.

Step 2 - Turn out the canister feet at an angle to the canister.

Step 3 - Remove pole from the back of the canister, and place each section together.

Step 4 - Insert it into the hole in the middle on the same side the pole was on.

Step 5 - Pull the banner out of the canister holding firmly by the hook and the banner clamp, continue pulling it out until you can place the hook into the top of the pole.

Step 6 - Your banner should now be ready for display.


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